The Artist D’s first passion was writing. Over the years Artist D has published numerous books on a wide range of topics. Always inspirational and often outrageous, read on below to learn more about some of these fabulous publications.

In Bed with Myself, The Making of the First Interenet’s First Super Star

inbed_cover_2015_resize The Artist D was one of the first entertainers on the Internet before people knew what the Internet was. “In Bed with Myself” is a tell-all autobiographical self-help adventure. Throughout the story of becoming known as The Internet’s First Super Star, D explains his life and the obstacles gone through to get to the top of the underground Internet fame game.

With D’s quick wit and hilarious story telling ability “In Bed With Myself” will answer all of your questions. Go back to a time before the Internet made people Hollywood famous. D will tell you how to not become a flash in the pan and how he utilized the interwebs to become his main income.

It’s a story of success from birth to rebirth in this exciting adventurous tale of digital fortunes, self-acceptance, coming out of the closet and stepping beyond the transgender stereotypes from cam girl to super star.

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Previous Titles by The Artist D

Like a Goat in a Hailstorm

Like a Goat in a Hailstorm

In 2007 The Artist D published a book of poetry from the most ravenous years of his (or her) life. Like a Goat in a Hailstorm is a collection of prose poetry from Artist D’s life living in Phoenix Arizona working as a dominatrix. Hailstorm includes some of Artist D’s best and more formulated writings with a slight taste of working in the BDSM community as a Transgender dominatrix. All while maintaining his stronghold on personal website fame on as The Internet’s First Superstar.

Like a Goat in a Hailstorm received rave reviews and was re-released with a new cover in 2011. This is currently the only account of Artist D’s prose still available in print today.

Purchase now at for only $12.22.

I’m so Hot! Can I Please Come Out Now?

I'm so hot! Can I please come out now? by The Artist D

Often referred to as, “The Artist D’s most embarrassing book.” For near ten years The Artist D has intrigued and tantalized us with his wide-eyed wit and artistic creations. Now comes the release of this collection of scandalous never before released essays and articles. Artist D invades our minds with his humorous, twisted, dark, sometimes simple and always debaucherous views on life in general.

Artist D ponders the simple things in life. Why we are who we are and  always asking “WTF?” when no one else does. From Republicans to Homosexuality, he even tells us how to eat. Artist D is no doubt the master of seeing things as they really are and viewing them with an open mind.  Never fear, Artist D has a gift of putting everything in perspective and in the end admits that we are all, in some twisted way, equal.

This book is currently out of print. 

Grüne Blume

Grune Blume

Grüne Blume was The Artist D’s coffee book collection of his photographic art and new poetry circa 2005. Included within this full color book is photography taken on his tour across the United States, known as “The D-Tour 2004.”

Experience D in print as never before, colorful in more ways than one and totally uncensored. A small collection, yet so deep you can’t help but say, “Please?” This fabulously square shaped book features full color photography and prose from “The D -Tour 2004” appearing in Columbus Ohio, Omaha Nebraska, Denver Colorado, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada and San Diego California.

This book is currently out of print. 

Metamorphium, The Story of Cory Lords

Take a journey from the back woods of Pottersville to the life of luxury. A story of a child’s adventure to become better than all those who tried to destroy him. The twists and turns show our star that there is more to life than revenge. Like multiple personalities, rape, drag queens, and porn star best friends.

Metamorphium, The Story of Cory Lords was The Artist D’s first attempt at published story telling. Artist D wove a tale of a young boy becoming a super star. (Sound familiar?) Metamorphium received rave reviews at the time and was said to be a fun read. This book is still available on, click here to view.

Transitions reVAMPED

Transitions reVAMPed by the Artist D

In the late 1990’s The Artist D was busy paving his way through the Internet. Throughout many projects and personal websties D perfected his art. His forte and most appreciated art form was his poetry. Enjoyed and complimented by many, D’s writing style was interesting and accepted. After a six-month hiatus in 2002 D undertook a retrospective project by putting together a collection of his most important and poetic works. This is that collection along with tributes to the D of the 90’s.

Transitions Revamped is the 2005 re-release of D’s poetry book. This final version includes a new preface written by the author’s best friend and fellow Internet star, Necroraven. More photos (circa pre-2004) and bonus material are included.

This book is currently out of print. 

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