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The Artist D
The Artist D

During a red eye flight of a Lockheed L-1011 from Los Angeles International Airport to Boston Logan International Airport, the plane flies through a strange light, and most of the passengers and flight crew disappear, leaving behind only personal artifacts. Only those passengers who were asleep remain, and discover the predicament when they wake.

That’s my kind of dreamscape. That’s my kind of movie! It was The Langoliers from Stephen King. I love stories where most of the humans disappear. I’ve always been fascinated with empty spaces once occupied by humanity. It can be found in many episodes of The Twilight Zone or any oddball Night at… sort of story. You know the ones! A night at a museum where creepy things happen and the exhibits come alive. A night at the department store where the mannequins come to life and discuss their sadness about being mannequins. All along with a planet filled with talking Apes. It lead to my zombie obsessions. To be one of the few left standing in this world is a beautiful thing.

People get in the way and I don’t want anyone to take offense to that. For as much as I hate this world covered with mindless people I do recognize that without them it would be unlikely for there to be a me.

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