Valerie Renay Investigates The Shadows

Valerie Renay
Valerie Renay

Valerie Renay (half of Noblesse Oblige) is releasing her first solo album on September 7, co-produced by Alexander Paulick-Thiel (Kreidler). One of our favorite Berlin-based French Caribbean performers, painters, and electronic pop chanteuse, Valerie Renay, brings us Your Own Shadow.

After initial help from producer Moses Schneider and Einstürzende Neubauten’s engineer Boris Wilsdorf, Valerie was set on a path where her sound could continue to develop organically, as she traveled solo, testing new material in front of international audiences (Live appearances in Germany, Poland, South Africa, Italy).

This empowering and ethereal album took our Artist D on a dark dreamy trip, so very much that he had to get with Valerie to answer a few Fourculture questions.

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