A Legend In My Living Room

The Artist D, exec editor of Fourculture
The Artist D, exec editor of Fourculture

I knew legacy was false when I saw my grandparents die. Their legacies quickly swallowed up by the black hole of their deaths. I knew legacy meant nothing when Michael Jackson died and his image was sullied forever by his later deeds, overshadowing his younger body of work. I definitely knew that legacy was unattainable when Jerry Doyle died suddenly on July 27, 2016.
Jerry Doyle was an American talk radio host, right-libertarian political commentator, and widely known for his acting on Babylon 5 as Michael Garibaldi. He was also an inspiration to me on the radio. I don’t have a lot of radio heroes. There haven’t been a lot of people whose radio personalities have inspired the hell out of me. Other than Jerry, there are probably a few inspiring radio folks left countable on one hand.

Every day after work I would drive home listening to The Jerry Doyle Show on my car’s AM radio. Jerry had a certain something …

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