Living Between the Lines at TGForum

The Artist D

Sweet sensitive souls walk this Earth looking deeply upon everything they see and hear. If you take life too seriously you are bound to freak out far too much. And it brings us to a very valid question. When is an angry protest a good and worthy protest?

I used to get upset about everything. Eventually I’d get light headed with the level of frustration I felt. My blood pressure probably shot through the roof as I became numb in my limbs from the anger or frustration. It wasn’t long before I realized that it would be very difficult to fight a good fight feeling that upset. I might as well have been screaming and crying, because I was far too blinded by my rage to formulate a good response anyway.

Recently Rose McGowan was at a Barnes & Noble in Union Square promoting her memoir Brave when a transgender woman, Andi Dier, asked about allegedly controversial comments …


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