Tranny Queer: The Queerest of Them All

The Artist D
The Artist D

“Queer” is a great word. I love it so much that I dedicated thirteen TGForum columns to it this year. Queerness covers so many facets of our lives which I love dearly. It isn’t about just being queer in sex or gender. There is a lot to be painted queer these days. It’s queer from back in the day where they said in movies, “Isn’t that queer?” It’s strange, odd, unusual, and sometimes funny. It’s a thought process, a certain perspective, and sometimes a sexuality.

The true queer is queer right down to their opinion. There is queerness in being queer. I am sexually queer in that I don’t really think much about sexuality. It is what it is and we’ll have a good time if we decide to have a good time. You are allowed to invite as many people into the sexual dungeon as you wish and have as good a time as you all want to have.

I am gender queer too.

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